Hi. My name is Laura. I’ll start out with a few things about myself.

I currently stay home and look after two small, unstable dictators (my kids). They keep my life crazy (and gross and sticky), but in all honesty, they’re adorable and I would die for their crazy asses.

I married a goofy and outrageous man who also happens to be kind and loving. (Win win).

I like sarcasm.

I love wine.

I’m a feminist.

I post too much on Instagram.

I feel like there are a lot of good memes out there these days.

I adore guinea pigs and have “raised” eight over my lifetime. Someone once said to me “it’s not weird that you love guinea pigs…it’s weird how MUCH you love guinea pigs”. Whatever.

I enjoy art and photography and want to get back to making more of it.

I have a relatively new-found love for cooking and baking. If I’m gonna do this stay-at-home-mom-thing for a bit, I may as well embrace the #housewyfelyfe!

My childhood friend gave me the courage to write a blog so I thought “what the hell, why not”. I know my Mom will read it, so it won’t be for nothing.

I don’t know exactly what it will be about, but we’ll see! Probably some mix of parenting issues, rants, my crazy liberal ideas, a recipe or two, struggles, silliness, etc…

Anyway, thanks for reading!

Hi Mom!


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