One of my resolutions this new year was to get back to doing things I enjoy, as opposed to things I feel like I “need” to do (like dish and laundry…always…never ending…)

So I pulled out the DSLR and started clicking away! I started sketching again, too, and cooking up a storm. This post is reserved for photos, though. I think I’ll post some sketches later this week.

It was cold today, so we stayed in and then drove to the library in the evening. In the coming days I want to get back outside and capture some nature photographs so that it’s not all kids, kids and more kids. But for now? Kids. Unless you want to see pictures of my piles of untouched dishes and laundry…gack-25cutiesgacks-57gacks-31befunky-collagebeaut316298795_10101737511854921_1119930891347602477_nbeaut2sitsgacks-113gacks-85gacks-70cuties-6cuties-5cutie-3cutie-2cutesgacks-29


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