Annika woke up in the middle of the night last night. She wanted into our bed, and Andrew wound up on the couch. He got the short end of the stick and had her feet in his face.

I’m sure a lot of sleep experts would discourage giving in, but some nights I don’t care. She stays in her bed a fair amount of the time, so when she does want to cuddle, I know we’ll both get back to sleep faster (and avoid the tears). Plus, she’s only going to be little for so long. I’ll gladly go against the experts sometimes, if it means I can snuggle her in peace without the chaos that comprises most of our days.

I laugh though, because she doesn’t want to JUST snuggle. It’s as if she wants to climb into my very soul. She wants to get impossibly close. She’ll wrap her tiny arms around my neck and smush her face tightly against mine. She’ll keep readjusting to try and make it an even snugger cuddle. Eventually, she’ll fall asleep. That’s when I’ll give us a little bit more space, but inevitably wake with her crammed up against me again. It’s the most heartwarming discomfort.

Before we fall asleep, she’ll have to rattle off a list of all her thoughts in that moment. Almost as if she woke and suddenly remembered 50 irrelevant things she HAD to tell me. She’ll have opinions about her shows, books, brother, toys, meals, and a “green ghost” she talks a lot about.

It’s pretty funny, and it makes me think about all the random and irrelevant things I think. Things too inane for whole posts, but things that cross my mind.

So without further ado, here’s my “Week In Thoughts”…

~I’m whole-heartedly in love with winter this year. The memory of being nine months pregnant in the suffocating heat (with no A/C) is STILL so strong. I’ll lie in bed with no covers and let my toes turn to ice. And I LOVE IT. I’m dreading this coming summer (but woo hoo, not pregnant at least!)

~I wonder if any other parents have an awkward and shameful crush on the Blue Wiggle and follow him on Instagram? And while on the subject, I also have a crush on Bill Nye.

~Cheap wine is SO good for my soul.

~We have so much laundry that I might need to be a little drunk to tackle it. Update: I DID get a little drunk to tackle it.

~I’m definitely going to have the kid in kindergarten who gets naked and has the teachers calling home. Gotta try and nip that in the bud.

~Ooops. I did absolutely nothing productive today.

~When I look back over my Instagram posts, I realize that it’s an interesting timeline of the different states of “total mess” that our living room has been in…

~Now that I’m old and a parent, I could probably nap at any given time and in any position, and still not ruin my bedtime. But…maybe ruin my neck.

~People are taking a lot about some kind of “Super Bowl” and I’m going to assume they mean either a bread bowl full of chili or a waffle bowl full of ice cream. Or something like that. I have to figure out where to get it this Sunday…

~Three glasses of wine later, I made a half a loaf of cheesy garlic toast. How about bake yourself up some self control next time, Laura. At least I got my laundry done, though.

~As of this week, we’ve lived in Cambridge for two year. Cambridge is great if you’re a fan of houses…and strip malls. That’s about all I’ve garnered in two years.

~When people make art or do experiments with Skittles I get angry because they could be eating those…

~Both Mark and I lack patience when we’re really hungry, so sometimes life becomes a delicate game of “don’t spill cereal on the nursing baby”.

~Why do so many people like to brag about how they’ve given up caffeine? I aways just feel sorry for them.

~I don’t think I like the name Nevaeh. I apologize if that’s your baby’s name. Annika is also a weird one, so feel free to judge back.

~I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Baby farts are THE BEST. Babies will calmly fart right on you, and act like they didn’t even do anything. They just non-chalantly carry on with their day, and it makes me laugh EVERY. TIME.

~And lastly, on a more serious note, I’ve never been more disgusted by politics, social issues, and right-wingers than I am these days. HOWEVER, I’ve also never been prouder than I am of the left. I love all the protests, resistance, and push back. KEEP AT IT American friends.

Now if you’ll excuse me, Annika is naked again…gotta try and convince her that pants are our friend.

Some random photos from this week to go with the randomness of this post. Annika during breakie and the bath that was required afterwards. Mark being a darling. Our brunch of champs the other day (after the sins of the night before…one too many glasses of wine).


One thought on “My Week In Thoughts

  1. oh how I love your posts!! my thoughts of the week are just as random- though I doubt I would ever be able to display them as well as you do!!

    oh how I wish to be close and discuss all the logics and hilarities of the kids shows lol (blue wiggle my fav too haha— notice how he is always in bare feet??)


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