A couple things have stood out to me this February: we’ve had some weird weather, and my kids continue to be cute. Those are pretty much the only things I’ve been documenting since I got back to my camera.

We had a crazy ice storm a couple weeks ago, followed by unseasonable warmth, and a thunder/lighting/rain storm. Now it’s back to just plain cold. I’m pretty sure this is climate change at work, though, and that’s a bummer. However, I have had fun getting creative with the camera. Wild weather provides something interesting on an otherwise dreary February canvas.

I’m also a sucker for storms. I know it’s easy to say that as a stay-at-home-mom who doesn’t have to commute in bad weather. I used to work and commute a lot, so I’m careful about what I wish for…for the sake of other people. But you have to admit that there is something exciting about getting copious amounts of snow, or really crazy thunder.

Today we bundled up the kids, and took the double stroller to some walking trails. I took a lot of random pictures and lost my family for a while. Found them eventually, though.

I don’t have the best and most up-to-date camera equiptment, but since I’m only playing around, I’m okay with that. Maybe we’ll win the lottery one day and I can invest in all the best gear.

I think what I like about taking pictures is similar to what I like about sketching. I like playing with composition and balace, I like textures, I like organic shapes and I like interesting depth.

Here’s a little collection of some of my February photos. Like I said: kids and nature. My life hasn’t been much more exciting than that!



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