We started Mark on solids the other week. He’ll be six months on Thursday, so we went ahead and started him a couple weeks early. It was a decision that I hemmed and hawed over.

I’ve read that it isn’t ideal to introduce solids too quickly, because it can lead to gastrointestinal problems later in life. I tried to find out whether a couple of weeks prior to six months was considered “too early”, or if doctors simply meant don’t do it at four months. I got a lot of conflicting information.

We weighed the pros and cons, took into account our personal circumstances, and decided to go ahead (knowing that six months was just around the corner).

The good news is Marky LOVES food. He gobbles it. Right from the first bite he was hooked. He’s liked everything to date.

Annika got the shivers with her first meal, and spat a lot of food out for a few weeks. Mark’s the opposite! Everything goes in and stays down.

I know that Baby Led Weaning is all the rage these days. I read a lot about it because I was curious to see if it was right for us. I’m always hesitant to jump on bandwagons, though. I’ll admit that part of that is simply because they’re bandwagons and I like to be a little defiant. I understood the advantages, and agreed with a lot of what they preached, but I still felt like purees were beneficial in their own right. Furthermore, our doctor has worried about Mark’s weight, and that made me lean toward feeding him a way that had him ingesting a good amount of calories. Plus, iron is really important at this stage, and baby cereals are usually fortified.

After some back and forth, we decided to do a bit of both, because eff the establishment. There’s no rule about using one method over the other. I told people our plan, and was quickly corrected. If we’re doing both, it’s actually NOT Baby Led Weaning. The very concept of BLW is to let them choose their own amount and feed themselves. Well. Okay then. Because semantics matter, what we’ve decided to do is a combination of purees, cereals, and “finger foods”.

So far, Mark has tried and loved the following:

•Ancient grains
•Homemade sweet potato puree
•Apple sauce
•Cantelope slices
•Santa Claus melon slices
•Homemade carrot puree
•Avocado slices

Otherwise he still breastfeeds a bajillion times a day and night (as per his request).

My goal is to try and make as much as I can from scratch. Believe me, I’m lazy enough at parenting in a bunch of other ways. So fingers crossed.

Anyway! Here are some cute pictures of him being messy, and devouring food!



4 thoughts on “Graduating From Milk To…Mush?

  1. I love that “semantics matter” – we’re doing a combination of purees and “finger foods” – and how crazy is it that we have to distinguish! It’s amazing how you are following your own path and parenting based on instinct. I’m just figuring out how to do that and it’s really great to hear about your success.


    1. It was so much easier the second time. With Annika, I tried to do everything “by the book” and I worried a lot. She survived, and I feel a lot more at ease with Mark. Especially when it comes to trusting my gut! Josephine is adorable and I can’t believe she’s turning ONE this spring! How is life for you three?? Message me if you’d like!


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